Sweatshirt style for females?


Today I bought a sweatshirt, it is probably only the 3rd one I have ever bought in my life. I always didn't like them because they reminded me of gym clothes.

Now it is really cozy and I think I like it. It's been raining outside a lot.

I know there are some slightly more stylish ways of wearing them. Can you tell me how you wear yours just to make it look a little cuter and less gym-clothes like?

Also do you prefer them with zippers or without, with pockets or without.

I got one with a zipper and a hood and it's gray. When I sit down the zipper kind of makes weird bumps on my chest though. So I might get one without a zipper.

Give me some ideas :)
Awwwww... no answerssss?


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  • The trick is to pair it with some cute shorts/ leggings and flip flops. That way you avoid looking like a guy going to the gym.


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