Girls! what are your complains on make-up bags?

I need a little help on make-up bags. So here are a few questions:

What is that you are looking for in a bag when your buying it?

What is that you wish a make-up bag would have and looked like?

What are your complains on the bag you already have?

Please help me out :)


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  • I've got to be honest, I never really utilized make up bags. I think the most I carry around now is lipstick and it's still in the cardboard box it came in. Somebody gave it to me. It's Mary Kay brand.

    Some of this really comes down to practicality.

    Women keep makeup at home sitting in their bathroom, the things we put in our purse are only a few touch up things such as Lip stick and powder and maybe eye shadow.

    I don't like make up very much myself, like I said all I wear is lipstick.

    So my opinion is that CLEAR waterproof bags are good. Clear because you can see what is inside and waterproof because when stuff spills you can clean it up and it won't spill on other things.




    • I've got a black make up bag and I think it just has eye drops in it for allergies, I think it kind of disappears inside my black purse. I say get something with a little color on it.

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