Why would you beautify something you despise

just curious. if you don't like something, why would you try and make it pretty?


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  • I'm a little unsure of context, but I just made collages for my notebook covers because they were plain. I make things pretty so then I'll despise them less.

    • i saw a question about a guy who likes womens feet and wished women took better care of them. I told him, women hate feet. they just don't like them (or at least most of them don't). so I said to him "why make something you hate, beautiful?" seems like it'd be a waste of time and energy, ya know?

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  • I think half of the women that slap on lbs of make up should answer this question.

    I know this isn't just based on appearance but people try to make things pretty

    that they despite to be acceptable in society.

    If they do not, they at looked at differently or judged.

  • well the answer is in your content… because they don't like it. because they despise it.

    if there are ways to beautify, they take advantage of that. if there's an ugly room in a house, you buy nice furniture or paint it.

    if a girl wants to enhance her features or hide blemishes, she wears some makeup.

    and so on=]

  • To make it tolerable if it's something you can't completely change.

    • What do you mean?

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    • You'll try to make something more aesthetically appealing so you hate it less. Also lots of people hate feet, like completely despise them, not just women! And others fetishize them, yet some people are indifferent. Plus most chicks like to decorate things, that's how we roll.

    • Thanks for BA.

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