Are guys ever physically attracted to average-looking girls?

Or do they just date average-looking girls because they can't do any better?


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  • Of course we are. The thing is a person might be average in some respects and extraordinary in others, and different things are more important than others for different people. Many people who consider themselves average, or might be considered average looking, have things about them that are very beautiful, and if there is more to the package than just what the girl looks like then her beauty is often enhanced. If all she has is physical beauty and there is little else attractive about her then the attraction will wane rather quickly.

    I dated the girls I liked. Some were better looking physically than others, but that didn't mean I like them more. Happiness with a person is about a lot more than just how conventionally "hot" they are.

  • Of course they are. Don't see what's so wrong with looking average, and besides; Most of the time people for someone because of their personality, and less important, looks. You can be the prettiest girl to walk on this earth but if you have the personality of a wet towel you will always end up with shallow guys/relationships.


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