Ladies--what are your "problem areas"?

We all have some area on our bodies we struggle with, be it collections of fat in unflattering places, a big nose, bad skin, bushy eyebrows, flat hair, too much body hair, etc. etc.

Personally I struggle with skin conditions. I've had pretty bad acne on my face for most of my adolescence and now also have bad acne on my shoulders and back. I also can't wear most jeans without it giving me a mini muffin top, even though I'm not overweight or anything. I just really wish I could take some of the fat from my stomach or hips and stick it in my boobs or something xD

To balance this question out, give an area of your body that you've been blessed with. For me, I have pretty blue eyes and soft hair :)


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  • I have back rolls. Where I live we call them bananas or Michellins my belly sticks out and I have extremely wide shoulders for a woman and B cup tits. It doesn't matter if I loose weight, I don't look slim cause of my wide wide shoulders.

    I used to have acné, and I solved it by taking Spironolactone on a dayly basis. Half a Tablet of 100mg. You should look it up and you'll save yourself 100s and 1000s of dollars in skin products that don't do Jack shit.

    Spironolactone blocks your testosterone receptors on your skin which will avoid acné and in some other cases of female balding patterns and they usually start with acné on your chest and back.

    Retinoic Acid is good as well but mostly at the beginning when the condition is horrid and you have to be very careful not to get pregnant cause that medicine may cause birth defects.

    Hope this helps.


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  • Assuming we are talking about physical only.

    My Perfect Imperfections:


    1. I am hairy (I can thank my Italian side for that). I remove that sh*t though.

    2. My nose is not symmetrical enough.

    3. Gain weight easily.


    1. My eyes. They are very bright.

    2. Lips. They are not huge and not tiny.

    3. Hips & Boobs. I have that hour glass shape when I wear fitted clothes.

  • i really like my skin. i've never had any problems with it before.
    but i hate my feet. i took after my dad and i have wider feet than the average girl, which makes finding heels/fancier shoes very difficult.

  • I just struggle with overweight, my mother would tell me I lose weight on moment and then the next month, I gained back the weight , yeah I always buy these somewhat bigger size jeans to cover my muffin top plus I prefer them then skinny jeans

  • Short legs, flabby arms and split ends. Everything else is just fine.

  • My boobs, I'm a C so I shouldn't be complaining at all but for some reason I want them one size bigger. lol I'm crazy. I also wish my head wasn't so round, I have a huge fat head haha

  • My bones are too visible.

    I have extremely shiny and soft hair, and I don't even do anything special with it. My friends always tell me how jealous they are because of it. :P

    • Oh and my veins are too visible as well. I'm very pale and my veins are pretty blue, so they shine through my skin. Gross.

  • Stretch marks on my butt and hips


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