How long o you think it would take for?

Damaged hair to be healthy, sleek and shinny again. Granted the hair was REALLY damaged? Also What do you think would help with really badly damaged hair in your opinion?


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  • Honestly? It took me about two years...

    • I think it's better if you cut it off and start over. I took the long road though.

      I am obsessed with my hair because it used to be very healthy before dying it all the time.

      Now I take care of my hair more. I used to be very reckless in the past.

      I rarely cut my split ends though. I cut them once every 6 months or so. I try to wash them once every 3 days, which sucks because my hair gets very oily.

      I scalp massage it a lot and I dye ONLY the roots once every 2-3 months.

      You can try to use

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    • Thanks a lot for b/a :). Good luck!

    • Youre welcome :)

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  • Honestly if you're looking for a quick fix ironeddie said it best. My sister had to shave her head after a botched dye job. if you don't want to shave it you're looking at trims and cuts every couple weeks. Once hair starts to split it keeps going to the root so it's best to cut off the damage asap. Sad but true. The only recovery is removing the damaged hair and growing it back out.

  • Shave it or a brush cut'


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  • I spent years growing my hair out. It's been 2.5 and my hair is now mostly healthy, but not quite there yet.

    Lots of hair cuts, no dyes, chemicals, or heat styling. Cut down on the use of fixatives like gel and hairspray, cut down on anything that would rip your hair, like cheap hair elastics, bobby pins, cheap clips, and aggressive brushing. In fact, I recommend a wooden comb from the body shop.

    Use leave in conditioners and wear it up often. Make sure to use a detangling spray whenever you comb your hair. I used coconut oil a lot when I first started growing my hair out. The damage caused it to be tangly and frizzy, so the coconut oil really helped.

    After all this time, I wear my hair to bed in a french braid, and when I wake up I just take it out, quickly comb it, and leave. No styling, no products. My hair is healthy, it just looks good on it's own.

    I recommend getting a haircut and going cold-turkey from whatever you're doing that's so damaging. It's tough, but it's worth it.

  • You CANNOT repair damaged hair. Once it's damaged, the damage is done. The keratin has been decreased essentially and the strand becomes thinner

    All you can do is start fresh and take care of new growth.

    Deep conditioning with coconut oil will help it look better


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