So scared of my big chop?

So I have been transitioning for 6 months and my natural hair is really curly and pretty.I am still in school and I don't want people to talk about my hair.I told some of my friends that I was cutting my hair and they said not to that I would be made fun of.Natural hair doesn't go around in my school there are girls that are natural but not many and no one seems to really talk to them.If I ask my mom to get perms again she will get mad.I have a friend her name is Elorm and she is from Africa.She gets teased a lot by the people in school just because she has natural hair.When I told her that I was cutting my hair she got so excited she told me what's it like and how I would feel.I asked her what if people teased me because of my hair? She just smiled and said don't worry I got your back. after that I couldn't wait to see my natural hair.I told some of my other friends they all told me I would look weird and natural girls don't get looked at that really hurt my feeling cause I have been down that road and don't want to go back I hate being talked about just because of how I look.My mom always tells me just ignore them but its different now people have instagrams and post mean pictures of me then the whole school will see it.It hurts being embarrassed on the internet cause its there forever!

I want to have natural but there are so many pros and cons

i don't know what to do?


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  • Do what you want with your hair - ignore the girls who are telling you to do otherwise. The people who wear their hair in a certain way just so that they fit in are hiding and self-conscious. You are not that. Be confident, walk into that school like you own the place and don't let what anyone says affect you. As long as you are happy with it and feel good with it, what other people think won't matter. Your confidence will change their minds. Check out Lupita Nyong'o and Solange Knowles - they are two of the most gorgeous women celebrities and both work their natural hair amazingly!


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  • I went natural couple years ago and I love it...and I feel more beautiful with my hair natural. It makes me look exotic...i wouldn't care what people said..i love that I can just wash and go if I curlinh blow dryer is so convienient...i love natural hair no matter the texture it just looks good to me. Natural beauty is so far better than made up beauty trust me..only a unique person will notice natural beauty so just think of all those that make fun of you as commercial and commercial is so boring. Never let people dictate your life. The sooner you learn this the happier your life will be.


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