What makes someone a goth?

I was talking to my friend last week and he said when he first met me he thought I was goth, I've talked to three other friends about this and they more or less thought the same thing as he did!

i've always known I was "alternative" but I've never thought I was goth

- I do wear a lot a black (never ALL black at once)

- I have a labret piercing (under not through), 2g ears ,and multiple ear piercings

- I always wear smokey/smudged eyeliner with a cat eye and a subtle pink lip

- I wear a lot of rings and crystal jewelry

BUT here's where I'm thrown off: I like a LOT of creepy dark shit and alternative music but I also

-like one direction, lady gaga, fitz and the tantrums, neon trees, and other upbeat pop artist

-I'm ALWAYS happy, laughing, making jokes and smiling

-90% of the time I'm wearing tights and a circle skirt, I almost always wear skirts

-I'm pretty girly: I hate bugs, I wear heels, I love to dance, I love makeup, and I love animals

i've always imagined goths as depressed, pessimistic, and creepy so what does that make me?

*what makes someone more of a goth, style and interests or personality and feelings?
also I know labels aren't important and it doesn't really matter but I'm curious


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  • i don't think that goth will put on pink lips(most goth wear red one instead)...and think about it...goth have morbid thoughts but you love dancing ,makeup and animals(which are innocent things)...u listen to pop music...its just not goth...!..wearing black does not mean that one is goth...people might wear black to hide their weight(if they are overweight since black make people look thinner)...or some wear black because it brings a classic/chic style...and I think that it was your friend's opinion that made you start having doubts whether you where a goth or not!


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  • What makes someone a "goth" is the same thing that makes someone a "guido; a weak mind.

  • Your style seems more like your a "scene girl" . Haha google that. And I guess I always thought gothic was a system of beliefs, not necessarily a religion but in the same way people consider themselves wicken. I could be wrong though.

  • You sound like a total goth.


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  • What makes someone a goth?


  • What if Obama was a Goth ?


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