OMG I hate my hair!

So after 10 years of having really short hair, and just saving it all off I finally decided to grow it back out so all of my nieces and nephews could see that their uncle can grow hair out, and because I once posted a question on here asking what looked better, my short hair, or longer hair and longer won... ><

Anyway, I have a WAVE in it. I have tried damn near everything I can think of to get the wave so it doesn't show up. My stylist has even thinned my hair thinking that would get rid of it, and it made it less noticeable for like a week, but it was still there, and she said if she cut anymore out I'd have a bald spot. lol.

So does anyone have an idea on how to get it so my hair will be like it was 10 years ago, and not have a wave in it? I hate having gel in it, and don't have time in the morning to jump in and out of the shower, so yeah my bedhead hair is this wave, and hairspray doesn't work unless I do it right after the shower.


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  • Wavy & curly hair is best in my opinion

    • Then you'd love my hair, because it has a HUGE wave going through it, and if I was near any surfers, they'd ask if they could ride the wave. ><

    • Lol ya straight hair isn't all that

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