What was your favorite girl figure skating dress?

I saw a lot of very pretty dresses this year on the girl figure skaters. I think my favorite was the one Adelina wore when she won her gold medal. What I find interesting about figure skating outfits is that Nancy Kerrigan was quoted as saying "why do we need to look like princesses when we're judged on our skating, not our look". The problem with her statement though is that figure skating is not just about the skating. It's about being able to capture the audience and a lot of that comes with the look. When Nancy won her silver medal back in 1994, she was wearing this beautiful silver Vera Wang dress.

So what was your favorite dress from this year?


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  • I thought the blue one that Gracie Gold wore was beautiful. link

    • Yeah, I really liked that one too ;)

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  • I feel guilty, as I just didn't get a chance to watch much of this years Olympics, so I'm not qualified to comment. However, in past years, the outfits on some of the gorgeous women skaters like USA's Sarah Hughes, Russia's Irina Slutskaya and Canada'sJennifer Robinson did give me the vapors!

    • I'm trying to find some photos from this year of all the different outfits all the different girls wore but there were a lot of them and I don't think I'd be able to find ALL of them. "xHoneyxBeex" linked one to the girl who was favored to win it for the gold, but only came in 4th. "josemaf" linked Canada's Tessa Virtue's dress (or at least one of them). Do either one of those fancy you?

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    • Ah, I see what you're saying

    • You got it, Babe! Comfort is nice, but it doesn't turn many heads!

  • My younger sister, who is 10, has been taking group skating lessons. I've recently bought some coll figure skating training clothes on rg-leotard.com/.../figure_skating_training_clothes . Here is my fave dress I bought for her:


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  • Gracie Gold's were good. I liked Tessa Virtue. link

    • I like both of their last names and yes I do like both of theirs especially Gracie's blue one ^

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