Help me choose a tattoo?

(please don't tell me that it's my tattoo and I should be the one to choose)

I love all ideas equally.. so I might even end up getting them all eventually..

just want a strangers opinion on which they like most.

1. "audentes fortuna iuvat" --it's a latin proverb from Vergil's Aenid meaning Fortune Favours the Bold.

it would go on the inside of my arm right under where the elbow bends.

2. link

this is the amino acid sequence and it translates to "I am starstuff" kinda nerdy, but it comes from Carl Sagan.. it pretty much means that we all came from stuff stars are made of. I don't want to go into too much detail here.

Also.. any idea where I could get this? I was thinking going down along my spine.. but I don't want it to be covered by the band of my bra

3. link

this would go in the same location as the first one
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Words are stupid. Don't get words. If you do make them minimal and accompany a picture. Just words on their own are always awful. They fade/get distorted much quicker and much easier than other tattoos. Also it just seems like the stupidest thing in the world to me when people get words, "I like this phrase so I got it right there, see? Isn't that cool?" No. It's stupid. You want it to be cool then think of a picture you associate with it or think of some image that represents it and get THAT instead. THAT is cool. My friend has always had a strong connection with the Robin Hood story. Did she get "Take from the rich give to the poor" or "Robin Hood 4 eva" or something? No. She designed a cool arrow and got that instead. THAT is fucking awesome. So no. Don't get words. Just don't.

    The mountains are okay. If they mean something to you then ya know they mean something to you but they're not my jam so they wouldn't be my first option.

    The sequence is cool, I like that a lot, actually. Down your spine it wouldn't matter if your bra covered it because your shirt would ALSO be covering it. Unless you wore open back shirts in which case why are you wearing a bra? Just a warning about the back, though- it's going to be impossible for you to clean and reapply the plastic wrap and paper towels by yourself. You're going to need someone else to do it for you. That means someone else cleaning it with soap and water and taping a fresh pice of plastic wrap to it for three days about 3-4 times a day. Is there someone you're that comfortable around/someone who will be around to do it. Also it's best to avoid having running water hit it directly, and it's best that it get wet as little as possible, so for the first 2-3 weeks that's going to be a bitch and a half.

    I'm just saying, having taken care of a friend with a tattoo down her spine- it's awful. I saw a picture with a girl with that tattoo along her hairline behind her ear, that was SUPER cute, I loved that. that would be my recommendation. Or get it as a bracelet around your wrist, or along your collar bone, that's really pretty as well. And all of those are much easier to take care of by yourself.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Fortune favors the bold. I didn't need a translation for that. Dante's Inferno is a good book.

  • get the science one! number 2.


What Girls Said 5

  • The second one is interesting. I'm not sure how it translates to the sentence you mentioned, please provide me with a source for that if you can, but it's great nonetheless.

    • amino acids have a single letter identifier. so if you broke up the amino acids in the sequence, the first one, "ILE" translates to "I".. the second one "ALA" translates to "A" and so on and it spells out "i am starstuff"!

  • The second one is pretty cool.

  • I like the 3rd one.

  • If you need help picking a tattoo you aren't ready. Quit getting a tattoo because it is fashionable/trendy.

    • clearly you didn't read my question. I like them all, and have wanted them all for a while now. but I'm not going to go to the shop and get all three at the same time. I just wanted peoples opinions of them. if everyone said they hated all of them.. I'd still get them

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    • you telling me I'm not ready has absolutely no effect on my decision to get my tattoos

    • When I got my first ta2 about 30 years ago. I knew I wanted one, but had no idea what or where on my body.

      One Saturday I drove past a shop, turned around and went in. Looked at the flash on the wall for a few minutes. Picked one out, and never looked back. I now have 7 and they were all chosen the same way.


  • The only one I like hon is audentes fortuna iuvat. I would suggest having it on your back.

    Things running up and down the spine and up and down the arms look messy and trashy in my opinion.


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