Should I shave my head smooth?

I've been wanting to do this for awhile, I think now's the time. Here's my with hair, and a photoshopped pic of me bald. What do you ladies think?

imageshack. com/i/f7qg0gj
imageshack. com/i/ghu60zj
Sorry, these links work:

imagizer. imageshack. us/v2/1198x674q90/547/qg0g. jpg
imageshack. com/a/img593/9378/u60z. jpg
Geez sorry I'm having trouble with this.

imageshack. com/a/img547/64/qg0g. jpg
imageshack. com/a/img593/9378/u60z. jpg


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  • I did it once and put it this way. i don't recommend it.

    not because looks or anything. I actually loved it, and it did end up looking good.

    The problem was. I couldn't stand it growing even a little bit, so I had to shave it every freaking day and that was just too labor intensive.

    And the real clincher? now that my hair is long again i don't like it as much as i did before. Because now I know what it was like to be bald! so basically it was too good, and messed everything up.

    • Even though I was looking for girls to answer, I really appreciate your honest input! Anyway, I guess you know why I want to be bald then, haha, it will be awesome. I wouldn't mind shaving it everyday if it looked good.

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