Where would you get a tattoo and what would it represent?

I like stomach tattoos and I'm going to get one soon. How about you?


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  • I've got 10hours under the needle and still need a lot of work. I've done maybe 1/5th of what I intend to do. What is the representation? me; a personal representation. I designed all my own work and it's sort of a mixture of tribal, symbolism, and hidden messages.

    I've been going at a rate of about 5hours each year on my birthday. I figure I've got maybe 2-3 hours left on the first piece, 15hours on the second piece, and another 15hours on the third. So in seven-ten years I'll be done.


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  • I always tell anyone who wants to get a Tattoo, or already has one, it's their body, they should be able to have what they want, and do What they want with it.
    This sensuous spot sounds nice, sweetie. For me, I have always favored my left shoulder to put either a small heart or butterfly. I still haven't gotten around to "needle nose" This yet, but one of these days, I'll be ready for my shoulder for sure.
    Enjoy yours.. xx

    • To me, it just represents who I am.. a free butterfly with a "Big heart..":)) xx

  • As cliche as it may be, I want a small anchor on my ankle with the word faith or family with it. It goes along with few of the things that I have had to go through in the last few years.

  • I already have several, but my next will be an anchor on my ribs with my sisters initials (meaning is pretty self explanatory).

  • I want to get a climbing plant on my back. But I'm waiting until summer or at least spring, so I can wear a tanktop and let it breathe while it's healing.

  • Maybe on my hip and it would probably be a cross of or a verse from the bible.


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