Can I wear sandals to a bar or no?

It's like a bar/club thing. I have a plain tight black dress, its like a long tank top type dress. I'm rather tall, so don't really want to wear heels, also don't want to be too dressed up. Could I wear something like this?


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  • First of all, cute choice! Secondly, you have to go with what you're most comfortable with, otherwise your discomfort or self-consciousness will keep you from having fun. Clubbing or hitting a bar should be a good time.

    As someone who's on the petite side, I envy you tall women who don't need heels. Flats & sandals are just way more comfortable, in my opinion.

    by the way , how long is the dress? A tight black dress sounds good because it's chic enough for a club without going too fancy. Semi-dressy sandals lighten up the outfit.

    • it's probably a little less than mid thigh

    • It'll look cute, especially since you're tall. It's hard to go wrong with a little black dress.

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