LF: Information about colouring hair with Temporary Colour?

So I have only ever put blonde highlights in my hair.. no other artificial colouring.
I have however always been interested in dying my hair black. My natural colour is a dark blonde/brownish colour. Darkest in the winter and lighter in the summer.

So here are my questions;

Have you tried the temp colouring? (Washes out in 5-7 weeks)
How did you like it - what was your experience like?
And do you think it would work if I tried to dye my hair black with temp colour?

Looking forward to hearing your comments!! xox


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  • Well all you can do is try it.

    I use to colour my hair, a lot back in the 80's. But it was always professionally done with dyes that had to be grown out.
    My natural is dark brown. At the time I had naturally curly hair, loose curls.
    It was usually high lites. But one time I bleached my entire hair. I went white. The whitest you could get. LOL! That looked awful, but I kept it for a while.
    Then one day I got bored of it. So I went black. Blue black. Like in comic books. Black hair that had natural blue high liting. I loved that.
    After a while I started putting streaks in it. At one point I had 6 colours at one time. That looked great too.

    So try it you have nothing to lose. and it will wash out.



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