What do guys find attractive?

besides looks what do guys find attractive and really look for in a girl?


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  • I am attracted to a woman that can carry herself in such a way that:

    I can see that she tries to know herself (she isn't afraid to confront herself)

    has some confidence

    isn't afraid to be the smartest one in the room ( I hate women that think I want them to play dumb, if you know how to split the atom or the solution to credit default swap abuse. Be proud about it)

    respects herself enough to go for what she wants. (women that want to give the apperance of being chased and captured are useless. I want someone that can say/show she wants me.)

    For instance: I have never found Beyonce attractive because I first saw her in some early public access destiny's child interviews and she seemed annoying, fake, and making an effort to be MTV fun instead of intelligent. My friend went to a convention at an island resort recently. He ran into Beyonce on vacation and left feeling the same way about her as I have always felt. His fantasy was crushed! LOL


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  • Besides looks? Personality! Just be nice & laid back. Don't be controlling/psycho/mean/stuck up.

    Also intelligence. Not many guys like girls who are ditzy and the guys who do like ditzy girls like them because ditzy girls are easy.

  • Feminism, I don't know how much guys respond to that. Just try it, maybe on purpose and see how guys just want to take control. :)


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