I'm a bit curious about my looks?

Alright so it's pretty self explanatory. I really have no sense of what is or isn't attractive when it comes to physical appearance for guys. I mean, I know the athletic look with the right proportions is the ideal body type, but I mean in terms of facial features and things of that nature I'm clueless. I can't tell the difference between an average looking guy and one that's very attractive (I can't figure out what it is women are attracted to in that regard).

So since I have little sense of the difference, I often wonder where exactly I fall on that bell curve. The picture is in my profile (if I need to post a different one for some reason, say so). So yeah, let me know- and feel free to go anon if you prefer.


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  • Attraction varies a lot. My best friend is attracted to guys who look completely different from what I'm attracted to. A lot of her crushes are a bit nerdy-looking, tall, and slim. I like big, beefy, muscular. guys. So, to give an example, let's say a scrawny, tall guy comes striding in the room. Should he feel insecure simply because I find him unattractive? Nope, because my friend probably thinks he's hot!

    Really, personality is most important, especially to mature females. You can be a very attractive, muscular guy, but if your personality is lacking, a mature girl will not fall for you. I can think that a guy is very pleasing to the eyes but once I get to know him and he turns out to have an unattractive personality, he will literally look much less attractive to me.


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  • To be honest, I don't find you attractive, but I'm some people do find you attractive. Everyone is attracted to different things. Physical attraction is such a complicated thing because for some, it varies a lot.

    • but I'm sure some*

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    • Well all my exes look different besides the fact that most of them have wide faces and broad chests. Other than that some of them have white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, and others are black with black hair and brown eyes.

    • But like I said, it varies a lot. You'll find someone who looks you inside and out.

  • I think you're good-looking. You have nice lips, eyes, nose, and your hair color is neat.

    I didn't pick up on the feeling that you're self-conscious in your post, but I always tell people to loosen, relax, and learn to be comfortable in their skin. (Which I suppose is stating the obvious.) All is well-- don't worry!

    • Yeah, I'm not really the type that's like "Oh god I'm ugly nobody will ever want me" cause I know that isn't the case. But I guess the truth is on a couple occasions I fell for women who weren't attracted to me and so now I can't help but wonder.

  • I'd say you're average but my opinion might change if you provide another picture.


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  • Post another picture of either your profile view or your full smile. Because having a semi smile may make a big difference. You have good bone structure, cheeks and chin, but you may look better without any facial hair. Not sure if your beard is light color or dark. I see you as an average dude, no stress!

    • Yeah, that's generally what I think I tend to get (that I'm average looking). I guess I just don't understand what makes a guy average or above average ya know?

    • Well I can't see your neck or your teeth, so that contributes to the picture in the way I see you. Also by showing the shape of your nose, a picture taken at different angles can show true form. Have you ever had longer hair?

    • Nah my hair has always been short, it's completely unmanageable. Growing it out at all would require some serious hair products. And I generally go without any facial hair, was just a bit lazy about shaving cause it was a dead week.

  • Have you ever been told that you look like a white Jay Z?


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