What is wrong with my back? I never see anyone with this?

All my life i realized i am shaped differently like my back is really short. If a wear a sports bra it take up all of my back or most. My ass is huge. It kind of sits on my back. OMG this is so hard to explain. So look at some girls and you see the back then butt but mine is like short back huge butt. not only is it embarrassing i have to wear my pants so high if i want to show stomach i have to wear the smallest shirt ever!! not only that when i stand up my butt sticks out not even trying to do that it is so annoying all i want is a long back is a long back is that too much to ask for?
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  • you were just born with a disfunction
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  • You probably have a short torso. I have friends and relatives who have short upper bodies, and they're all lovely.

    I am not sure if this website is accurate, but it may provide assistance to finding a base idea...

    After measuring myself, if I did it correctly, the result was about 17 inches (which they wrote as "standard" and "small"). Copied from the page, perhaps you are in the region of "Extra Small: torsos up to 15 ½", Small: torsos 16" to 17 ½""? One length is not better than another - I am positive you're beautiful.

    • Thank you so much i feel way better and yes you are right i have a short torso

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