Would you talk to a stranger at bar?

Would you talk to a stranger at bar, if the stranger came to the bar alone ? I want to know this because I am staying Toronto for this summer, but I do not know anyone in Toronto. I am from BC. It is very boring. I really need to make new friends in Toronto


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  • oh wow. hi there. I'm from BC too, but from Kimberley. how's it goin?


    anyways, well, I guess ift he person is looking for a friend, they'll approach you more often then someone who's in a group.

    I tend to go with my friends to the club, but not often, lol I get drunk and laugh , I'm pretty funny lol. anyways, Toronto should be fun. I spent last summer there with family.

    I hear you...BC sucks lol


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  • Toronto is an awesome place to stay in the summer. Don't limit yourself to just bars and clubs. There are beautiful parks and free festivals going on practically every weekend. :) And it's all about how approachable you look. Like someone said, smile. You're bound to talk to someone. Don't be afraid to be bold either. You've got an excellent conversation starter. You're new to the city and looking for places to have fun. :) The majority of people would love to suggest places for you to see and may even offer to show you sometime.

  • It's a bar, there are bound to be drunk people haha, of course someone will talk to you (especially if you're cute).

    Ps. clubs in t.o are better than the bars :)

    • Oh thanks, but do not you think it is weird to c a guy at a club by himself ? That is what my female friends told me. They said that a guy who goes to club is creepy and they can tell that he just want to hit on girls( I don't think many girls like this when they go to club, at least in my school)

    • Haha, it totally depends on how you act. If you're going to just kinda stand in the corner and look like you're scoping out someone then that's creepy... but if you just seem like you wanna have a good time (smile, please smile... guys that look intense are the ones that labeled as creepy) you'll be fine :)

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