Need some really good ideas for decoration?

found an apartment which is not bad. I love pastel colors like baby pink, baby blue etc.. All my furniture is coming from IKEA because furniture from Ashley, Restoration Hardware etc is expensive. Im trying to make it homely and make it my own space to come home to. I found this temporary wallpaper that comes off like a sticker that doesn't leave stuff behind. The living room temporary wallpaper is a pastel pink pattern it's so beautiful and the bedroom has a wallpaper of multiple pastel colors like pink, blue, yellow and orange I love it more than you can imagine. The bathroom is a grey pastel pattern. I need help to know what will look good for these sort of colors like curtains, rugs, pillows etc..


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  • Seems to me like you've had a lot of different pastel colors already.
    In that case, white furniture would look really chic with those. You can make them look "aged". Go to Pinterest, there are tons of inspirations there.

  • You should get a couch (s) that are white with some black pattern on it , but pastel colored pillows to go with it. Get curtains or rugs that match the couches if you want. Just some ideas (:


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