Women, Have you ever heard....

You look radiant in that dress, you total captivated the room?

Background: Recently told that to a gorgeous (She really did look awesome) friend's gf's friend, and she completely froze. I think it was probably because she was in shock, but I think she was nervous. Any advice.


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  • awwww that is so sweeeet and original in cliche kind of way. I think she froze cus she didn't expect it and because she probably felt really falttered and didn't know what to say back, or maybe she wasnt sure if she heard right.

  • How was she meant to react to it? If she said thank you, it might seem like she was full of herself and if she disargeed she might have embrassed you. Some women like those kind of compliments... if it was me, I'd feel uncomfortable about it.


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