What do you think about this pullover?

https://moon-serenade. blogspot. de/2013/04/outfit-13-so-much-in-my-mind. html (if it isn't clickable, just get rid of the spaces. There are 3 spaces. Sorry but there's no other way)

Scroll down to see the back of the pullover. I have one in pastel pink, I'm just not sure how to wear it since it can look a bit odd.

What do you think of it? Cute or not cute?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • From the front it looks alright, like a comfy sweater. I don't like the back at all though. It defeats the purpose of it being a sweater.


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  • This top is adorable. I particularly luv the back!

    • what I don't like is, because the back is open, from the front it looks like a sack of potatoes around your body, no shape whatsoever.

    • I think a little tighter with an open neckline would look nicer. The fact that the girl has no body shape doesn't help either.

  • It looks a little weird.


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