Honestly guys, do looks really matter?

everyone says now a days that looks don't matter and we should find someone that loves us for who we are. do guys think that or are they just after pretty or "hot" girls?


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  • Looks do matter.

    It is just that they are not as high on the list as many women think. It is human nature to find someone they like personality wise more physically attractive as well. So a pretty woman can be ugly or beautiful depending on what kind of person they are.

    Still at the end of the day I have to be physically attracted in addition to everything else.


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  • looks do matterb but only to a cetain extent. As long as you are good looking enoug to create the initial attraction you're pretty much in the clear for looks. Then it's all personality, and things you have in common.


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  • They do and they dont.

    Looks tend to be what draws a guy into you in the first place, but just because ur pretty doesn't mean you have a good personality.

    Most guys are gonna take the average looking girl with the amazing personality over the really hot girl who's a totaly b*tch.

    Just depends on the guy.

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