Going to Barcelona in July 2015?

Hey, I'm going with school to Barcelona in June/July 2015 but want to know ahead of time as to what I should be taking with me, anything i should know ahead of time, what type of clothes should i pack etc
would it be worth me learning Some Spanish before I go


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  • I went to Barcelona with school as well :) take some clothes and shoes you know you will be comfortable in, and take some clothes that cover your arms or legs because the sun that time of year can BURN! Take sun cream (obviously) I already know some Spanish and in my opinion I would try to learn some Spanish :) When I went I took some paracetamol with me just in case.

    Hope this helped :)

    • Yeah this does help loads thanks X

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  • I have been to Barcelona in the summer many times and can tell you it is very warm. Bring shorts/t-shirts and flip flops. The people there dress very casual so don't get too dressed up or you will look like a tourist!


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