Even though it gets trashed a lot, isn't light blonde hair very sexy on some women?

I know many people trash dyed blonde hair and say it's ugly/fake.

I don't know... I still think that when it's done right it makes many girls and women look sexier, as long as they have the right coloring and the hair is reasonably long and not completely white.

I bleached my hair at the salon from natural light brown to a pale blonde, it's not white but very pale yellowish gold and almost platinum but a little darker.

I have blue eyes and pale skin so it doesn't look ridiculous and my eyes are blue. I definitely notice that men give me more attention as a blonde.

And many women I've seen look amazing with blonde hair as well.

Don't you think that if a girl can pull the color off well it's very sexy?


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  • Yes. It can be very sexy but it depends on the girl. Some girls just can't pull it off. Generally though, I find women who have blonde hair look sexier with dark hair.

  • Of course it's sexy. Sexy is about the mind, personality, and body. Blondes are awesome... ESPECIALLY when the carpet matches the curtains! So damn sexy.

  • Keep it up sweetheart :)


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