So how do good looking guys deal with the pressure and attention?

I notice one sharp (haha no homo) looking guy in class who was dressed nice and had a good body and a neat face. thought about it And I notice girl wear making eye contact with him.

those guys have many pressures put on them. they dress nice and they just healthy bodies and skin. they just like anybody else

people judge them a lot and lot other guys are mean to them.

dont be rude to those guys that look way better then you because they could hook you up with a girlfrend. they have many phone numbers and they have many women friends.

they are under are pressure.

besides that Im going to have a photo shut with a photographer so people see best sides of me.


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  • Maybe to them, there is no pressure and attention. A girl says hello to you and you simply say hello back, the end. Some women have said how they like confidence in men.


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