Guys of GaG: What hair products do you use, if any?

I've never really been into using gel or hair products other than shampoo and conditioner because my hair is hard to control even with gel or hair spray. So I just kind of put it up and my hair is pretty curly so it's kind of a messy look which works for me most days.

The only problem I have is my hair gets too dry sometimes, I think the right word is frizzy? So I usually just use conditioner only and just shampoo like once a week. But some days it's still super dry. I see a lot of other dudes out there that have pretty moist looking hair all day everyday so what's their secret?


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  • You shampoo and conditioner is really important for that type of thing.

    My boyfriend and I use Mane and Tail shampoo and conditioner (don't feel weird about it cause it's made for horses, it's totally cool with human hair, works well, and is pretty cheap).

    He also uses Paul Mitchell hair products but that is pretty expensive and I honestly don't see the point. It makes his hair really soft and doesn't give it that "I gelled this morning" look, it's pretty natural but I still feel it's unnecessary haha

    Hope that helps.

    Oh, stay away from Pantene shampoos or conditioners or generally anything that's perfumed. That stuff is horrible for your hair.


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  • Honestly, I used pantene only because thats whats in the bathroom that I can use. It helped my hair from being messy, however it doesn't work for everyone. I experiemented to get my hair straight and all that. It's matter of trying anything out to help you.

  • Selsun Blue. That's pretty much it.


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