Taking him underwear shopping?

Would a guy like it if his gf took him bra and panty shopping, to get his opinion etc?

I kinda see him just tagging along and telling me to get what ever I want instead of being more flirty and fun about it.

But I guess I dont know until I try? Im asking cause I could easily go without him, but I like the idea of knowing he picked something out.

Anyways, how about you guys... would some of you much rather skip it?


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  • I think a better way might be to flick through a catalogue with him and get an idea of what he finds attractive/sexy.. In my experience, guys just don't get on board shopping, and they have no idea how to pick lingerie because they don't understand what it will look like on. Flicking through will give you an idea of the colours, cuts and styles he likes, and you can make it casual and then surprise him with it after you buy it.


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  • Maskofinsanity hit the nail right on the head! That's a fantastic idea. Guys just don't feel comfortable in the underwear section or like a Victoria's Secret store. Nope, no thanks lol. What is really important is how sexy YOU feel in the lingerie that you buy. If you feel sexy in the stuff you buy, chances are very good he will think you are as well.

  • You ever seen "The New Guy". Eliza took DJ into the changing room, and gave him a little show. He loved it

    • Ha yep.. it seems to be in a lot of movies/shows.. thought it would fun to try spice up that flirty aspect. But they're all fake, so I thought id ask real guys if they'd enjoy it in reality. I guess thats two votes for no. And one for yes?

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    • I got the impression that you were all sour just because you didn't get B. A. I realized my impression could be wrong but it was certainly a weird response, when all you had to type was yes or no or ignore it all together.

    • ... I still answered it anyway

  • I don't feel comfortable in the bra/underwear area of any store. MaskofInsanity has the best answer.

  • I would love if my girl asked me to go. we could make it fun


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