How much would an arm tattoo cost?

It would be at the top of my arm, around the size of an iPhone, and pretty detailed. I want a tattoo of a phoenix, it will won't be colored at all, and I don't think the line work would be much of a factor since it'll be flame-y for the most part.

how much would you guess that would costs? also i have tiny arms if that means anything...


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  • They charge by hour and it's anywhere from 50-100. You'll definitely want to aim toward the top end of that scale for a good artist. It sounds like it may or may not be doable in 5-6 hours but something that size really shouldn't take more then eight hours even if it was fine detail work.

    • My guesstimate is $550-650.

      But really... just take it into a shop and ask someone. They'll be able to tell you pretty much right away a ballpark number.

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  • It really depends on what you get.

    When I was in America I had a tattoo done in Kentucky. It's about the size of my palm and quite detailed, and it cost me about $120. If I were to get the same tattoo in Australia, it would probably cost about $250. Some places charge per hour, while others charge depending on the design.

    Don't try and save costs. The more expensive, the better work it is likely to be.

  • The price varies along with the size. Something small could cost you $100. You should go to local tattoo shops and ask around. Remember, the cost often reflects what kind of quality you MIGHT get.


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