Attention bare mineral wearers !?

okay so I went through many brands of foundation and I was finally told about the greatness of bareminerals. I however find that the foundation dosnt give me as much coverage as I want. I have the pressed powder kind and it is supposed to be better for coverage. I got the full flawless coverage brush and flawless brush and I do not like bare minerals brushes they are terrible. The hairs come out everywhere and the full brush is quite rough on the skin.
Can I use urban decay blurring brush to put on bareminerals foundation or do I have to use the bare minerals brushes in order to get proper coverage I have used both but I can't really decipher which gives better coverage but I do find myself using a good amount of product and doing a lot of buffing in order to get the coverage right with the bare minerals brushes compared to the urban decay brush.
Also I find that when im with a guy and he's kissing round my face it comes off more than the Clinique foundation would.
But the staying power of bare minerals does last all day if nothing touches it.
I also need to know if bare minerals foundation is enough coverage for a night out and if so can you explain the method to use in order to get this full coverage.
oh and I always use prime time first and the mineral veil by the way


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  • For your next purchase I recommend this. It lasts a long time and gives full coverage. But you do not have to use the bare minerals brush to get proper coverage. If you like the Urban Decay brush better than use it. I use the same urban decay brush that you use and I love the coverage that it provides. If you ever get the Lancome foundation that i suggested, the brush works great with that foundation too.


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