How to feel sexy if there really is nothing you can show off?

ok so I'm 5'3"/5'4" short and overweight.
The thing with most overweight women is that they have some serious boobage that they can show off. But I can't even show cleavage because I have a huge ugly scar that goes down to my upper stomach from an operation.
I know I should lose weight and believe me, I'm trying, so don't be an jerk and fatshame me okay? I've fatshamed myself enough already. I just want to feel as sexy as I can, even before I get thinner.
But how? If there isn't any body part that I'm comfortable showing off, not even my arms...


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  • Losing weight is your key. You already have self esteem issues due to your weight, so no matter what you wear you wouldn't feel sexy. Getting smaller will make you feel better. Good luck


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