What do you think of a guy with a blazer?

I was wondering I don't hear too many women talk about it.. I used to have one when I was younger but that was over 10 years ago. I was looking at getting one and a few vests.. I need to do a overhaul of my wardrobe but this time include a bunch of dress clothing.


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  • A well fitted blazer always looks great.

    Not such a great look when you're swimming in one

    • It sucks I have a slim build so most of the time it has to be tailored to fit.

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    • Well people know me from going one extreme to the other.. like for 3 months I will just dress in jeans and long sleeve and one day I will just show up with a full suit on.

      they seem to like it but it's a hassle sometimes.

    • I understand.

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