Thoughts on bald guys. Yes? No? Maybe?

I keep hearing how some women are attracted to bald men, some aren't. I'd kind of like to know what the percentages are. So ladies, have you been in a relationship with a man who was bald? If you haven't, would you?
  • I like bald men and I've dated one
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  • I would like bald men, but I've never dated one
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  • Baldness doesn't matter to me, and I've dated one
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  • Baldness doesn't matter to me, though I've never dated one
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  • I would never date a bald man
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Most Helpful Girl

  • My current partner shaves his head, and I think he is very sexy! He also has facial hair too, which i thonk helps.


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  • I like men with hair on their heads because I think its very attractive, like the guy in my profile pic

  • Not really attracted to bald men, only few can pull it off.
    it all depends no head shape, face, and age.

  • Depends almost entirely on whether or not he has a nice shaped head tbh. I don't mind a guy not having hair, but if his head is all lumpy and he's bald it's unattractive to me.


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