Girl with ugly hands. Is it eww?

Ok. I just want to know what do people think aboutu ugirls with ugly hands. My hands are ugly. Thwy are kind of small and they are also kind of chubby and they are always dripping wet because I have hyperhidrosis. Small wounds got infected numerous times because of my condition so they left some of my fingers in not a very normal shape. My right thumb is bigger that the left. The nail in it is very huge compared to others. My left pinky was deformed also, I can't open it like the others, it is bended. My hands are one of my biggest insecurities. People make fun of me. Some guys says I'm pretty but as soon as they see my hands they are like 'ewww' . I know they are ugly but I love them. I play the violin with them and I can't live without them.


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  • Hands are not a relationship breaker. At least for me anyway.

    Any guy who is worthy of a relationship with you will not be turned off by your hands. If they are turned off... they aren't worth your time. And quite honestly, seem a little shallow.



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  • Guys aren't as picky as girls, most won't care.


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