What can I do for school picture day?

most people say "wear clothes that flatter"
"wear Make up" and I want to make sure i look ok on pic day.

I have tan skin with lots and lots of red patches and pimples (skin disease) dark brown hair and dark brown eyes.

I know concealer will work for the skin. and i can wear eye liner and mascara. but what else can i do? I. e. what color clothes can i wear? Should I do my hair?
Wear dangly earrings?


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  • aww you sound like you are beautiful though!
    For your skin, which is perfect!!! I would wear pink, not because it is my favorite color, but it makes your skin color "pop". So, if you have pink shirt... preferrably collared, but flirty, that would be perfect. I would maybe add a pink or white hair pin.. I have fake flowers that are hair pins.. and I wear them sometimes for pictures. But, it doesn't matter what kind it is.. just something to show you did something to your hair. However, it could just be straightened and worn down. But, I would straighten it (even if it already is straight, it makes it stay in place better) and add a pin of some sort or "claw" like in my pic now. =)

    I would add a subtle necklace and earrings. Doesn't matter which earrings. I usually wear pearls that are subtle.

    Make up= I would go with the same. Maybe use a little blush to contour the skin a little along the apples of your cheeks! and some light eyeshadow! ahhhhh I wish I could just do your make up! haha I can't wait to have a daughter one day! Oh... getting off track.. also put a shimmer lip gloss or lipstick on as well... pink or clear.

    If you don't like pink, I would go with red instead! Pink, red, light blue, or orange really! =) (make up would go well with all those colors!) message me if you need more details! xx


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  • Wear black clothes, it'll balance out the colour in your face.

    • what does that even mean?

    • It will draw colour away from her face making it appear less blotchy as the paleness will be drained, and it will make her paleness less noticeable because of the red glow. Too much make up will make her look like a clown.

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  • Do what you think is right.
    My suggestion, switch places with a close friend, not insulting. I did that, and looking back, it is a good memory. It makes me laugh and reminds me why we're still friends.

  • Try wearing a white shirt.


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