If I want guy to respect/ like me for my personality, should I take the clothes back?

I went shopping today with a couple of my friends today. My first time going without a parent, actually, yay! My parents are really big on modesty (that's why they wouldn't let me go alone). So, at the mall, I bought some stuff that they probably wouldn't pick for me. I got a couple skirts that come about half way to the knee, a few tank tops, and some make up.

When I showed it all to my parents, the first thing my dad said was, " you need to take everything back. girls who dress like this attract the wrong type of guys". I was so mad!

I thought everything was cute :(

Do guys really think poorly of girls who dress in short skirts and tank tops?

I don't want a provocative look, or guys to think I'm "easy" based on the way I dress.

I really didn't think it would be a big deal, but I guess it is.

Are my parents right? Should I have to take the clothes back (like I have a choice)?

If I want guy to respect/ like me for my personality, should I take the clothes back?


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  • Wow you sound just great to me for how you did your shopping. Guys think good (including me!) when a girl dresses cute and hot, and that includes short skirts and tank tops. That's totally fashionable and has been for years. It's not some sexy fad or anything like that. Those short jean skirts are like the most popular skirt that is sold nation wide. It can be worn dressy or casual depending on the top you choose to wear with it and how nice you have your hair, and the shoes too. I'm sure you didn't buy anything that some girls do wear and those are the super short skirt or super tight tanks or super short shorts. You have every right to want to dress cute so that you look attractive to everyone, not just guys your age. No, I wouldn't take them back if you have a choice especially if you have nice legs. Meantime, find some fashion mags so you can show your parents what teens are wearing nowadays, and how you've been dressing so dowdy lately and feeling out of touch with your friends. You won't look provocative in the clothes you described. Certainly you must see girls all over the place wearing those very same type clothes you just purchased. Why not bet a few pics of your friends or other girls dressed like that and show them to your parents. You will get respected for who you are, and that includes your personality, your character, your morals and the clothes you wear. Clothes make a difference. When we dress sharp we feel sharp. When we dress important we feel important. Dressing in style breeds confidence. They should want that for their daughter. It's important to make a good first impression and that'd done by the clothes we wear. They do need a little updating. Why don't you do that for them.

    • Haha, great answer!

      That's how I feel too, btw.

      I mean, I feel really confident in them... Ikd why my parents wouldn't want that.

    • Aw thanks, and good that you feel that way. You sound like one smart chick! :-]

    • Thanks!


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  • 1. Wear what you're comfortable with; guys think what they want to think, no matter what you wear.

    2. If your parents don't like your clothing, don't let them see it; change elsewhere, and store your clothes there.

    3. You paid for them. They're yours. Return them if they don't fit. Otherwise, don't.

  • Well it all depends on the guy because can be real scumbags what it sound like your pop is a little old fashion but how about compromise like ask him you'll take everything back but 2 out fits that he approves and you also keep the make up

    and if he doesn't like it then keep it


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  • Ask if you can keep the clothes if you buy nice cardigans or jackets to cover the tank top up for a bit more modesty. The length of the skirt is fine its modest your not showing your underwear off. As for the skirts if its an issue as to wear tights. Don't upset your parents though as they might not let you go shopping again. But tell them your point of view about the clothes and what you like about them. If they still say no try to find a compromise with the things you like about the clothes in a different outfit. For example something of the same colour.

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