Can I use Nike Tiempo IV soccer cleats for baseball?

This year I had to get a new pair of cleats for baseball. My mom being the thrifty shopper she is got me a pair of black and red ( :( ) Nike Tiempo IV because they were on sale and she had coupons, and ended up getting them for $10 bucks. The main problem is they're soccer cleats. I know there are differences between baseball and soccer cleats, but I was wondering If they will still be suitable for baseball, especially because I play outfield.

Is the Nike Tiempo IV any good?

I have never played, and probably never will play soccer. No offense to those who do play, it's just not for me.
  • Cleats are cleats.
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  • You Should try to get real baseball cleats.
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  • As long as You play outfield, you'll be fine with soccer cleats.
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  • No, god no! Get the baseball cleats as soon as you can. Soccer cleats have no grip on the front of them. So you can't dig into the dirt and get to the base as fast, I get that you may be like "It's just a few seconds whats the big difference?" In the game of baseball it is a huge difference. Just think of how long it takes for the ball to get to one place to another depending on where its thrown from and who is throwing it, it can take 2-4.5 seconds and having the right cleats can make a TREMENDOUS difference. Trust the softball player (ME).


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  • I have no clue I am terriable at any type of sport out there


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