Best make-up set/routine for cross-dressing?

I like to dress-up and aim to look as passably female as I can. What would you recommend in terms of products and routine to make my face look as female as possible?


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  • I just wrote down an entire routine for you, but there's not enough space in here!
    If you want more, I'll send it to you somehow but I'll break it down:
    -foundation is a girl's best friend (and a crossdressers!)
    -use eyeshadow first before liner. Make sure it looks good with your eyes
    -contouring creme.
    -exfoliating facial cleanser.
    -a nice lipstain

    • I feel a little bit bad that I can't send everything all at once so I think that I'll send it in incriments through these comment boxes haha.

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    • You should have just messaged him

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  • In order:
    -Primer (or moisturizer if you dont want to splash out)
    -Foundation (to your skin tone)
    -Good brand eye shadow otherwise you'll look cheap
    -Good mascara that lengthens lashes, also maybe some false eyelashes
    -Eye brow product i recommend the e.l.f Studio Eyebrow Kit
    -A nice lipstick or gloss or both
    -Peachy pink blush
    -Highlight powder
    -Bronzer for bronzing and contouring

    Message me/comment if you'd like to know recommendations or need to know how to use anything


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