Style improvement needed, can you give me some advice?

I'm physically not very attractive so to have some kind of chance with women I feel like I need to improve the things I can influence hair/ clothes etc.

Do you have any tips, I can supply a picture if needed

Thanks :)


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  • I totally agree with Rocco-K. But, a picture would definitely help with getting more advice.


What Guys Said 1

  • Try not to wear baggy clothing or saggy pants to start. Wear clothing that fit you well, that are clean and smell good. Also if you are not in shape, try getting in shape; clothes will look much better on a toned body. Also eat healthy and try not to drink too much. For hair you can go to a good hairstylist and they can recommend you a couple of hairstyles that suit the overall shape of your face. My biggest advice that I can give you is even tho you feel like you are not the best looking guy out there try to change that mentality and act as if you're the greatest catch out there for a woman, and that kind of confidence you have to work on and you have to find it within you.


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