I'm considered a 'tomboy' amongst my friends, but I want to try putting on some makeup but i'm afraid they'll make fun of me?

So like my title said, I'm a 'TOMBOY' And I know they'll tease me by saying, 'YOU'RE TURNING GIRLY' Because one time i visited my home country an they made me get fake nails, and they didn't leave me alone until they all fell out, when some of them have some long nails and paint them. I don't want to put on a WHOLE load of makeup, maybe some lip gloss, eyeliner and a little bit of mascara, and some natural eye color. Especially Now since I somehow got a boyfriend.. I want to look a little better so he won't be ashamed to go out with me, I may be a 'tomboy' But I still AM A GIRL. Help?
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No, It's not for my boyfriend >-< I just want to try it so I can look my best for school at least.


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  • I voted 'A' and thank you for that update, it's good to hear that :)

    Sure go ahead and get the works but don't overdo it. Since you've no experience with this stuff then I'd recommend that you visit professionals first (not the ones who do just bridal and party stuff but those that can do all including everyday stuff) till you get a hang of it :)

    I've known a few girly women who are astoundingly beautiful that know their make up and clothes while they are considered tomboyish more because of their behavior :D

    Good luck :)

    P. S it's not only about makeup though, how you carry yourself alongwith the makeup, your clothes, hair etc matter too - it's the whole ensemble :)


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  • Girls don't need makeup. Maybe your boyfriend likes your tomboyness. Wear makeup if you want, but you don't have to.

    • I'll Ask him~
      But I see all these girls, walking all pretty through the hallway and I'm just there like '.. Derp.'

  • If they make fun of you, and they're your friends, then they're just picking for fun. Don't worry about that and do what you want.

  • Ask them to help you out


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  • i don't think you should want to change yourself for your boyfriend. now if you want to wear makeup because you want to, thats different.

    • No >_> I just want to try it, it seems like kind of fun._.

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    • Thank you! I'll defenently need my mom/friend. As embarrassing as it is, since I've never properly tried makeup i dont know how to apply it.

    • Hey, i've been there too. to this day i still just wear foundation because i don't know how to put the rest of it on! lol

  • You do you! If you wanna try makeup and your friends tease you beyond friend teasing... then they are bad friends and they are probably worried that you'll start getting noticed by more guys which equals you being more difficult competition... true story girls are bitches...

    That being said, If you don't wanna try makeup, dont... You do you!!

  • Ain't no shame in being girly. (: You are a girl! And also that boyfriend thinks you're beautiful the way you are. Don't you EVER change what you think because of some boy. The right one won't mind your flaws.


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