2014 Swimsuit fashion and body image advice?

I really want to get a bikini this year. I always have, but now I don't know if I am to fat for a bikini. I am curvy. Which means no thigh gap or bikini bridge. I am 13, weigh 125 lbs, and am 5 ft,8 in tall. Oh and this is kinda awkward but I am not flat or busty, about in the middle. What style should I go for? One pieces never fit me right by the way. And if I seem to fat for a bikini, any ideas for healthy weight loss?


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  • 125 pounds and 5ft8in is not fat... at all. Just try to find bikinis that work the best for your body type and you can eat healthy carbs and not eat red meat. Try doing some cardio if you want to get more toned... But I just don`t picture 5'8 and 125 pounds as fat.


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  • 125 lbs. at 5'8"? And you think you could be fat?

    Girl, you are obviously underweight and probably have an ideal bikini body. Not sure when a thigh gap or bikini bridge became coveted assets but they aren't things most women have or care about and you shouldn't either. If you're concerned about muscle tone just do crunches and push ups, that sort of thing.

    I can't see what body type you have so my advice is to just try on different styles to see what looks good on you.

  • For a top, I guess it depends on what sized breasts you have. If you have medium sized breasts (say up to C cup) then a triangle top can look really great. Underwire tops also work well for all breast sizes and give a lot more support. For bottoms, with your body some low rise side tie bottoms could look great.


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