I'm not that type of girl- so how should I react if he gets weird because the pants I wear make my you know what look cute?

I have this pair of skinny jeans that fit just right. When I asked my mother if they looked okay... ummmm... she said my butt looked so cute. She said there's no way I'm not going to get noticed in these jeans. They're my only pair of skinny jeans that would work for school. My mom said guys might say things like," you're sexy," and I'm not that type of girl at all! I do like this guy at school and he likes me back; if he notices he might be weird around me. I really really like him, I'm just not like that. So what I want to know is what might guys do to me and how should I react? Would girls get mad at boys who do that stuff or would the be okay with it? I'm really confused and wearing a different pair of pants isn't an option. Thanks for reading and replying to this very awkward question.
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  • Well you said, "They're my only pair of skinny jeans that would work for school." Well then wear them and let the leaves blow where they may. I assume they'll look really cute on you and no doubt rather sexy by accenting some positive feature on your body that not only gets attention, but what is one of your assets. lol! For what ever comments you get just say "Thank you" or "Well Thank you" and let it go at that. As far as this special guy, his reactions if negative will be from jealously from the attention you may get. But that will pass as long as you explain those are the only pants like that you had to wear. Also, tell him you want him to be proud of you and be glad you're at least getting positive attention versus negative attention. You really shouldn't be having to explain this to him because the only problem, if any, is going to arise because of his jealously from the other guy attention you might get. Just let it be and enjoy the attention. You don't owe anyone any excuses or explanations why you wore them. Just be proud that you look nice. Your mother didn't condemn you so why let anyone else. In a couple days any fuss that's been made will pass. I'm sure some other girls are also wearing similar jeans so just don't worry so much ahead of time. Be glad you look so nice. You don't need to try to be so modest. After all, you are growing up and boys will start noticing you more now as you develop. You don't need to try and hide you positive features. Is all you're trying to do is look nice for school. There's nothing wrong with that. Enjoy the day and good luck. You'll find out tomorrow night that everything is just fine! You'll probably find out that that particular guy you really like will start liking you more, not less. That's usually the way it goes.


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What Guys Said 2

  • Why is wearing a different pair of pants not an option?

  • Wear baggy pants!


What Girls Said 1

  • When you get a compliment, you say "thank you". That is pretty much all I imagine guys doing; but if they're inappropriate, of course you should get mad.


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