Opinion of guys towards girls?

What is the definition of beauty to guys? And how does guys view girls?


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  • I actually have no idea. It's not even physical per say for me...

    I see people on here asking to rate photo's and all that i just think is that they're just pictures nothing more.

    It's about persona, aura, physical presence and the look in her eye or the way she interacts with me and others that makes my attraction for a woman blossom. Image does nothing for me unless its an image of the woman i'm already attracted to.


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  • We decide if we like a girl at first glance or two or three. Then we get to know them and fall in love with them. Beauty is only skin deep. It's whats inside that counts the personality is what we fall in love with girls.

  • Image, make up and all that is the tip of the iceberg, it is the inital attraction and thats IT. I dont care how beautiful or pretty a girl is, if she is a bitch then forget it. 90% of beauty is inside someone, as I always say, you fancy someone because of their looks, you love them because of their heart


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