Why is a small mouth and nose and high cheekbones considered attractive?

What is attractive about a small mouth and nose? Do they look more feminine?

ARE MANLY LOOKING WOMEN (women w/sharp features) ATTRACTIVE?


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  • neonatal features are considered attractive by a lot of people, frankly i find those people creepy because they're into baby features-step away from being pedos (nothing wrong with liking someone with those features, but liking them FOR those features and because of their relation to youth-disgusting)
    but plenty of people find women with sharp features attractive, they have more of a sexy, grown up look


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  • I honestly don't know. My friends are always jealous of my high cheekbones and I don't look manly at all lol. I have a plump but small mouth but I have a medium sized nose and people say I'm an 8ish or 9ish.


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