Tattos, piercings? guys?


do you think its hot when girls have tattoos or piercings?

not an overwhelming amount of tattoos

and not a whole lot of piercings

like I have my cartilage pierced

and I want to get my lip pierced

hot or trashy?

okay well I guess you could say I really really look like Rhianna

and I'm cutting my hair like she is, the short one? with the long bangs.

and I want my lip pierced.

tell me what you think?


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  • This is probably not the general opinion, but personally I prefer minimal piercings (i.e. just ears, though I don't mind two or three per ear) and no tattoos. Like I said, I doubt this is the general opinion but it's definitely my preference.

  • It would be pretty hot.

    But then again I'm the kind of guy who likes girls with a lot of tattoos and lip piercings/septum piercings


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