Hmmm so this is a thing... Face rating?

So, I stumbled into this site and something very interesting popped up many times.
Face ratings. I never before thought of that and it sparked my curiosity.

Would you rate my face? (Check profile pic, it's one of the "kinda decent" photos of my face).


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  • You're cute but i don't like the beard, 7

    • Hehe it's gone now. This is actually very helpful :-)

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    • Yeah it looks weird or even gross. And I had it for so long I didn't even saw it for what it was. Thanks for your comments ms. anonymous.

    • You're welcome ;)

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  • You're cute! An 8.

  • you're an 8 to me :)

  • I agree with the others, 7-8.
    Intoxicating eyes, and I think you'd look even better with a little more facial hair. I'm a facial hair fan though, we're a rare breed :-P Haha!

    • Thank you! You are very cute yourself. Facial hair is a big controversy among girls. Trimming is as much work as shaving, so I change styles constantly.

    • Thanks ^_^

      Yeah, a lot of men do, haha!

  • You'd be an 8 without the beard.

    • Gone now, I realized it a while ago. Thank you by the way . Better than expected.

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