I got a bad eyebrow wax! What do I do?

The right one isn't that bad, but the left is short and triangular. So they're not even symmetrical. I don't have eye brow pencils to fix them, not that I'd know how, and I can't cover the left one with my bangs. Where my hair parts, my side-swept bangs go on my right side, where the semi-decent eyebrow is. What do I do?


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  • Do you have any eyeshadow that is the color of your eyebrows? You can brush that into your eyebrows or you will have to purchase an eyebrow pencil. You can watch tutorials on YouTube and practice making them look good at home. Don`t worry they will grow back in soon:)


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  • They call pubic hair God's eyebrows. Try some of that.


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  • Just allow them to grow in.
    There really isn't much you can do.
    You notice that they are not the same because its your face.
    Other people probably won't notice at all.
    The same thing happened to me... just allow a few weeks.


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