Lip piercings and your opinion on them?

I used to have my lip pierced and I've gotten compliments on them.. im a senior and soon will be heading off to college.. guys do you find a lip piercing attractive... would it change the way you look at me.. would you find me approachable?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I think they are hot on girls and on guys it looks gay.
    That's definitely a feminine piercing.
    As long as you don't play with it then it's cute. Nothing more annoying than people that can't stop touching their piercing specially if it's in their mouth


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What Guys Said 3

  • its not a piercing that makes a huge difference to me , usually there small and not even that visible if its just a small stud being used , there jewellery for this piercing has got a lot smaller in recent years and girls can get small little studs for such piercings now. so I wouldn't really care much either way if girl had this piercing

  • I just don't see how it would make someone more beautiful. I honestly prefer Women without any piecing or Tattoos.

  • I haven't ever been a fan of facial piercings, but I think it depends on the girl a lot. I don't think I would ever like a lip piecing though


What Girls Said 2

  • Girls look better without anything on them. Piercings and other stuffs makes them look like a clown or something. Makeup is fine as long as it's not like you painted your whole face like a clown.

  • I think you should do whatever you want to do. I myself have never really wanted a lip piercing, but I have had friends that had them that looked really cute with them.


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