My pictures flatter me more than I deserve?

Okay so I'm 200lbs (currently trying to lose weight ) down 13 so far... anyways in every picture I take of myself I always seem thinner than I really am. Yes I use different angles, but then there are times when I don't and I still look rather photogenic. But I know I'm not as shiny as I seem. I'm starting to talk to this guy and I feel like I should tell him that I'm not "perfect" I'm just scared I'm not up to his standards. I get told I'm pretty, I'm just very insecure. I'm always thinking oh you have a pretty face... for a fat girl.. what should I do


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  • Well he already knows you're not perfect. He ain't either.

    Is this on a dating site? Has he seen full body pic (s) of you?

    • Yes it's on a dating site, and I do have a full body pic but even in that picture, in my opinion (and I'm sure everyone one else's) I look thinner than I am

    • If he's seen a full body pic and he wants to meet, then that tells you that he likes what he sees. I wouldn't worry about it too much, to be honest.

    • Thanks for Most Helpful. Good luck with the guy!

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  • Nobodies perfect, people know that.


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  • Some people are photogenic, others aren't. It's difficult for me to take a good photo. I have been told that I look way better in real life than in most photos.


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