What do you consider an 8 or 9 in the hottness scale? (post pics)

i always get rated that never above or below and i was wondering what you guys cosider that to be.

can you guys post pics of girls (or guys) that you consider to be that (celebs, models, actress, people you know) PLEASE

i know this is all a matter of opinion and personal taste just wondering tnx


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  • www.facebook.com/.../photo.php
    The kid with the hat on backwards is my Boyfriend he's not perfect but he's worth all my time and he's awesome so he's a 10 but you can post him at a 9

    • lol nice job he is cute :) i would give him an 8

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    • aww cute. i know how guys are always giving each other props for haveing hot wives or gfs so this is me giving them to you lol but im sure your pretty too hehe

    • I don't know. Thanks.

  • I have no idea... I'm not good at rating people on scales... I'm just curious to see what others say

  • Of celebrities, I'd put Kristen Bell, Emma Watson, Anna Kendrick as 8-9's

    • Anna Kendrick? Interesting...

    • @bubbiexo ya i was going to say the same thing she's more like a 6 to me lol

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